10 signs that your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you

If you're in a romantic relationship with someone and feel like you're not getting the sexual attention you need, it can be difficult to know what's going on. Are they just not interested in lovemaking? Or is there something else going on? In this post, we'll take a look at some warning signs that your girlfriend may not be attracted to you anymore.

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Physical contact is an important part of any healthy relationship. It can be tough when you start to suspect that your girlfriend isn’t as sexually attracted to you as she used to be.

If you’re seeing any of the following signs, it might mean that your partner has lost the attraction towards you, which can be considered a red flag in your relationship

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1. She isn’t affectionate

1. She isn't affectionate

If she used to show you affection by hugging you when you got home from work, but now it seems like she’s actively avoiding physical contact with you, it’s a bad sign. When someone avoids physical touch more and more, the underlying issue might be that they’re just not very attracted to their partner anymore.

Don’t wait for your girlfriend to make the first move. Try initiating sexual contact with her – it can be a hug, a kiss, or even just friendly touch on the arm – and see how she reacts. If you notice that she avoids your touch more often than not, then you should sit down and talk with her.

2. She never initiates lovemaking

First, it might be helpful to talk to your partner about why they aren’t initiating lovemaking. Maybe they feel like they’re always the one who has to make the first move. Or maybe they’re not feeling sexually attracted to you anymore.

Initiating lovemaking yourself can be a way to show her that you’re still interested in physical intimacy. Of course, it’s important not to push your partner into doing something they don’t want – if she doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore, you shouldn’t force her.

3. She’s less enthusiastic about lovemaking when you have it

There are many reasons why your partner might be less enthusiastic during the act. It could be that she experiences a lot of stress from everyday life and can’t get into the mood. Or she might feel self-conscious about her body or performance.

Also, don’t forget about the foreplay. Foreplay is essential for women, and if you don’t satisfy her properly, she won’t be enthusiastic about lovemaking either.

If you notice that your girlfriend has less fun during lovemaking, you might want to try talking with her about it. Maybe she doesn’t know how to tell you that something’s bothering her. If not, then perhaps she really isn’t very attracted to you anymore and wants to break up with you.

4. She makes excuses to avoid lovemaking

4. She makes excuses to avoid lovemaking

That’s one of the biggest warning signs that your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you anymore. If she usually doesn’t have a problem to fool around, but lately she’s been coming up with excuses not to do it – or even saying that she’s too tired for sex – then there might be something going on.

There’s no need to blame yourself or your partner for this. There are many different reasons why someone might not want to be physically intimate anymore. It could be as simple as health issues. If you feel like there is something more going on with your current relationship, then talking about what the problem is and how you can work through it should help.

5. She doesn’t make any effort to look sexy for you

If she usually takes time to put on makeup and cares about how her clothes look, but lately it seems like she just wears whatever’s convenient – or even just doesn’t bother getting dressed at all – then she might not be very attracted to you anymore.

Your girlfriend should still be interested in doing nice things for you, and looking good for you is one of them. If she’s just been putting on a half-assed effort lately, then maybe it really is time to have that talk with her about what the problem between you two is.

6. Her body language indicates that she’s not into you

Our body says more than words. Pay attention to her body language. Does she look at you or avoid your gaze? Is her body turned towards you or away from you?

If she’s not interested in what you’re saying, then there are a few different signals that may be obvious: she might fold her arms across her chest, avoid making eye contact with you, turn around to face anywhere but where you are, or even cross the street to get away from you.

A woman who isn’t interested in her partner anymore will avoid all forms of physical and emotional intimacy with them. If your girlfriend is acting like this around you then there’s a good chance that she doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with you anymore. You should talk about it with her and find out what the real reason is. If she really isn’t attracted to you anymore, then it’s time to move on.

7. She generally seems uninterested in being close to you

7. She generally seems uninterested in being close to you

Typically, women enjoy physical intimacy with their partners. So if your girlfriend generally seems uninterested in being close to you – whether it’s friendly hugs or snuggling up on the sofa watching a movie – then there is something wrong.

It could be that she really isn’t very attracted to you anymore, so she doesn’t enjoy being physically close to you. Or it could be that she’s just going through a busy phase at work or school and doesn’t have enough time for the little things.

If needed, talk with your girlfriend about what is going on with her. You can even ask her if something might be bothering her so that you can try fixing it together. If she really isn’t attracted to you anymore, then it might be time for the two of you to go your separate ways.

8. She doesn’t care about your romantic plans

If your girlfriend doesn’t care anymore about all the cute plans you two have for each other, then it might be a sign that she is not interested in you. There are various reasons why someone might act like this, but the most common one is that they don’t find their partner interesting anymore.

You should talk to her and find out if there is a good reason for this, and if she really doesn’t find you interesting anymore then it might be time to let go.

9. She has been acting friendly towards other guys

When a woman doesn’t feel attracted to her partner anymore, she may show interest in other guys. So if your girlfriend seems to flirt with other guys or be friendly towards them, then it might mean that she is not very attracted to you anymore.

If this is the case, make sure to ask her about it. Don’t accuse her; be friendly and open to what she has to say. You can even ask her if there might be something wrong between you two, but make sure to stay friendly and not get angry.

She may be just friendly towards other guys because she is friendly by nature, but it doesn’t mean anything like cheating or anything like that.

10. You spend less time together

10. You spend less time together

When a woman is really into her partner and wants to be close to them, then she will spend time together with them.

So if you two are spending less time together or just flat-out don’t see each other that often anymore, then it might mean that your girlfriend doesn’t find you very interesting anymore.

Talk to her about it. Make sure to have a friendly, non-accusative tone so that she doesn’t think you are accusing her of anything.

There are many reasons why someone might act differently, and it’s not always indicative of a lack of sexual attraction in the relationship. If your partner is suddenly distant and you can’t seem to do anything to get their attention, don’t panic just quite yet. However, if you’re starting to feel like you’re being ignored or pushed away, it might be time to have a conversation with your partner about how you’re both are feeling.

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